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i was blogwalking when i found someone's blog. his name is Iga Massardi, he's guitarist of a... band. i forget his band's name, the trees and wild? or so. but i really enjoyed reading his blog. totally realistic and at several posts he used beautiful way to be sarcastic, if i could say that.

one of its posts told about nature, and i do really love the quotes!
it's only two short pharagraps, though. and i don't want to rewrite it, just try googling and start surfing if you curious about that.

this is my own version, inspired by him.

Earth doesn't need to be protected by humans.
Nature doesn't need to be conversed by us, humans.
We, unconditionally, need it. to be alive, to be exist.

Earth, nature, environment, have the ability to recover itself from the damage made by humans.
Yes, human, us. The greatest monster in the world who has brain and heart both, but sometimes doesn't know how to use that both in balance.
An omnivora, and not to mention, the capability of being cannibal.

Earth can hold on.
The fire period when the first earth'd been recognized, then the entire stone-aged. And even when it'd been covered by cold-white matter, the ice age period.
Earth keep holding on, and always recover itself.

We do conservate and all, not to keep the nature to be nice or so, it reflects our dreadfulness.

because the one who'll be destroyed..
is human.
yes, us.

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  1. somehow, i got this kind a argument in a movie, i forgot the title but the point was the same.
    i didn't mean to say that he's copying. no offense. :)

    i love the qoutes too. it opened my eyes.
    save the world must be replaced by save ourself, is it?

  2. wooooww kau kesini juga akhirnya ahaha. i actually didnt know about where did he get that quote, but i just do love it.

    yeah, save ourselves, save the world, it seems so heroic and kinda crap, though. But there's no any other way, i think.